What is Tantric Massage? Learn all about Tantric Massage Singapore
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Your body is the temple of your soul; sexual energy is our strongest and most original source of joy and power.


Tantra was first discovered about 5000 years ago and is based on creating harmony between the Cosmic Male and Female energy. Tantra recognizes and acknowledges that this union between the male and female is the most important fundamental law of the universe.

The Male energy is called ‘Shiva’ he represents Lord of the Universe and the Female energy is Shakti, the mother of all, goddess of the universe.

It was just simple people in the beginning discovering… discovering their urges, their bodies, what happens when they follow their extremely powerful urges.. for women .. babies appear etc..They were in touch with the sun and the moon, the planets movements, the seasons celebrating their changes and learning to utilize them, they learnt how to work with the earth, how to be healthy and lived in tune with the planet. To a certain extent we have our own Tantric History, Pagans- Stone Henge great phallic statues around and so on. As we know, one of the things they discovered was the amazing electricity between Male and Female, that we would kill for love, the strongest most powerful energy off all time, the dynamic between us being the most natural and wonderful thing, magic in itself.

Tantra is more than you think, we hear all about the sexual advantages, but there are many more to (just click on health benefits to see some). It works with the bodies Chakra system and subtle energies to keep us energetically balanced, if this is off balance we can suffer fatigue and illnesses. Also our mental health, stress management being able to ‘cope’ and be happy, all our thoughts are connected to the cells in our body, if you think of something horrible, your stomach reaches, if think of your favourite food your mouth waters, so managing positive thoughts. Just take a moment to realize how all the horrible thoughts make you feel, nauseous.. sick.. just imagine being able to think of amazing positive thoughts(as often as humanly possible), the different Chemicals that would be released into your system creating a steady feeling of general happiness!!!! In Tantra you set a time aside you train yourself also using ritualization a tantric ritual is only limited by your creativity, any time you create a tantric ritual, you are allowing change in your life and you are consciously setting time aside to do something, from the time you do your ritual you are then in your sacred time, you can meditate, breathe (there are many breathing techniques that change the chemicals released in your body, the effect produced from the balance of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide in our system) and do lots of beautiful personal exercises. Those that choose to follow the Tantric Path, will find as they learn new techniques and develop skills, meet likeminded people, their general all over health will greatly improve, from your energies being balanced to a happy state of mind and yes improved friendships and relationships.

Tantra massage Singapore works very closely with the bodies Chakras, these are 7 major energy centres located in specific areas of the body, it is important to recognize them and keep them in line, they all vibrate at different frequencies, you can tell if they are out of balance by using many methods, the ones I use are the Gong, Crystals and Channelling.