Tantra Singapore can help you to learn new things to improve your sensual life
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tantric way to kiss

The Tantric Way to Kiss

One way to practice your tantric skills is through kissing. Intimate, fluid, and exciting, kissing provides a dynamic highly conducive to the tantric experience. Here’s what you need to know to start kissing your partner the tantric way.

One of the vehicles to the ecstatic experience is the flow of energy between partners, within oneself, and with the wider outer universe. Through kissing, a couple can engage in what might be called “energy play,” a game in which energy is passed back and forth, strengthened and weakened, taken and given—all carried out through the act of kissing.

Try this. Have your partner kiss you as they focus on their energy and building pleasure flowing into you through their lips. Feel the energy fill your whole body, and let your own rising passion add to this energy and charge it up even further.

If you like, you can continue this segment of the kissing exercise by formulating in your mind an intention, a goal you would like to achieve. Envision the desired outcome clearly, then release all the energy built up in your body through the kiss—including your own energy as well as the energy your partner has given you.

See the energy as bursting out to meet the energy of the wider world, ready to set events in motion to bring you what you need to achieve the goal. Next, switch roles. Kiss your partner as you focus on your own energy flowing into your partner’s body. Imagine yourself as the very epitome of love and affection, and give this energy freely to your partner. If desired, your partner can then decide on an intention and focus and release the built-up energy towards the attainment of the goal.

In tantric kissing, you’ll want to experiment to find what you like best, and also to help you notice how the energy changes with the subtlest shifts in the nature of the kiss. Add variety with alternating soft and more forceful motions, slow and faster speeds.

Taking your kisses to a tantric level will help take your pleasure and intimacy higher, as well.

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