Learn more about The Tantric Art of Rhythm in Singapore
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Tantric Art

The Tantric Art of Rhythm

If you feel like you’re ready to really delve into the tantric experience, adding a little intentional rhythm to your love making can go a long way. Using our sexual organs more consciously can generate a lot more pleasure and a lot more energy than can going about it haphazardly. While there’s a lot to learn about tantric rhythms if you truly want to master the art, it only takes a little understanding and information to get started reaping the benefits right away. Here are a few ideas and instructions that will provide a foundation for further study and hands-on experimentation:

First Things First: Before you worry about intentionally adding rhythm, get comfortable with your partner and take some time to get into the action. Begin slowly and softly, and allow the sexual energy to build.

Take Turns: Until you get in some practice, syncing up your rhythm with your partner’s rhythm can be a slight challenge. Start by taking turns setting the rhythm, while the other partner remains still until they feel comfortable and aware of the “beat.” To set the rhythm, a woman can tighten the muscles of the vaginal wall, alternately squeezing up and pushing down,while a man can flex his pelvic muscles and control the speed and rhythm of the thrust. Take turns, switch it up, and remember that it takes practice to strengthen those muscles—the more you do it, the better at it you’ll be!

Try These Rhythms: Threes and Sevens are both very mystical, magical numbers, and incorporating these numbers into your sexual rhythms can take you to ecstatic realms. Try rhythmically flexing the vaginal muscles or thrusting three rapid times in succession, then hold each thrust or flex for a count of three. Do this a few cycles, then switch to a seven rhythm—for the male, this means seven quick thrusts, then a long thrust held for a count of seven. For the female, the rhythm is seven quick up and down squeezes, then hold the vaginal muscles in a flexed position for a count of seven.

We’ve only just scratched the surface here. The pleasures of tantric rhythms are yours to unlock, and your curiosity is the key.

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