Singapore Massage Techniques and Their Benefits
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Singapore Massage Techniques and Their Benefits

Singapore Massage has always been known to be a form of alternative medicine. It helps relieve your body of stress and pain, while improving your physical performance. Massage has been practiced in several countries around the globe, especially in Asian countries. Head massage is just one of the many forms of body massages with which you can benefit from.

There are several forms of head massage that has been developed through the years. They are practiced using different techniques in order to deliver relaxation.

Indian head massage is one of the many popular forms of head massage that I being practiced today. This massage is done through vigorous hand strokes. The massage strokes usually cover the head, neck, face, should and the upper extremities. This can be a great experience, especially if you enjoy having a massage that is done through vigorous strokes.

If you choose to have a head massage that delivers slow and gentle strokes, then a Tibetan head massage would most likely be suited for you. However, unlike the Indian head massage that includes other areas, this type of massage mainly focuses in delivering massage strokes to head.

Another form of head massage is the Ayurvedic head massage. This one involves using warm herbal oil to induce relaxation and relieve stress. The herbal oil is poured on your forehead down to your head and is followed by gentle massage strokes to the scalp. The combination of the aroma and the effects of the massage strokes can induce a sense of deep relaxation.

These three are some of the different massage practices that are being offered in different salons nowadays. If you indulge in a head massage, you can have other benefits aside from the relaxation of the scalp and head.

One of the many benefit of head massages is improvement of blood circulation going to the tissues of the head. This can improve blood circulation to the scalp and other areas in the head. Aside from blood circulation, a head massage can also improve drainage of your lymphatic system located near the neck area.

The increase of blood circulation to the scalp allows greater amount of nutrients to reach the head region. This can be quite helpful in promoting hair growth. For those who have problems with the growth hair, a regular head massage can be quite a relaxing solution.

With the relaxing strokes coursing through different areas along your head, it can help relieve headaches and improve concentration. When blood circulation to the head is improved, it allows more nutrients to be delivered to the brain. This can help improve brain functioning and reduce stress and tension. It is also quite helpful for those who are having a hard time to sleep or suffering from insomnia.

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