Meet Sensual masseuse Mia | Tantric massage queen of the Senses
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About This Project

Deepen your spiritual and energetic connection with Singapore Masseuse Mia . Working with the tantric philosophy that the body and the senses are the spiritual gateway to ultimate bliss, this sensual goddess will lead you on an intense journey reuniting you with powerful force of your sexual energies and the creative energies of the universe. Her caresses will excite your senses and leave you intoxicated with delight, transforming your spirit and delivering you into a heightened state of aliveness.

Specializing in Qigong and Taoist tantric and energetic practices over the last 5 years she has trained with Mantak Chia and with Kris Deva-North. Using her knowledge of breath work and ejaculation control techniques she can help you discover the true depths of inner ecstasy by building your arousal to new and wondrous heights.

The meaning of Mia – Mia-Shakti is personified as the world-protecting, feminine, maternal side of Ultimate Being, and as such, stands for spontaneous, loving acceptance of life’s tangible reality . . . [S]he affirms, she is, she represents and enjoys, the delirium of the manifested forms . . . . Maya-Shakti is Eve, “the Eternal Feminine,” das Ewig-Weibliche: she who ate, and tempted her consort to eat, and was herself the apple. From the point of view of the masculine principle of the Spirit (which is in quest of the enduring, eternally valid, and absolutely divine) she is the pre-eminent enigma the Goddess of Rebirth
In the Hindu tradition, un-deified, Mia is a “veil of illusion,” or a wondrous display, a magical dance, that which allows us to experience what we call reality. She is the queen of our senses.