Meet Tantric masseuse Venus, The Queen of Love & Beauty
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About This Project

The cosmic feminine energy principle associated with knowledge, wisdom and creativity 4 years experience in Erotic Massage and dancing in Tantric Energies, her training is ongoing. Discover the secret erotic techniques developed by this Sexy masseuse  herself, as a Dakini she has spent many years perfecting and developing her skills through hands on experience.
Work with Masseuse Eva on Connecting your Base Chakra with your Heart Chakra, your sex energy with your love energy, let them dance celebrating nature, being free and wild. As you melt away under the soothing feminine warmth of your Shaktias hands whilst she slowly and erotically peels away your layers, going deeper and deeper, you will find the vibration level in your body rising as your energy and excitement builds culminating into deep waves of pleasure and a powerful charge of current going through from your tip to your toese¦. Hypnotized by her powers of seduction let her lead you to a place of that can only be described HEAVEN on earth!