Do you have some questions about massage in Singapore or for our masseuse?
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  • When do I have to pay the cancellation fee?

If you decide not to use the massage service after you have let masseuse through the door, a cancellation fee of $50 is chargeable. If she stays on with you for more than 10 minutes, the whole booking charge applies.

  • Are there any other fees involved?

There will be a surcharge of $30 for services carried out after midnight.

  • I don’t have the money right now, can we work something out?

Please do get back to us when things are better for you.

  • Where should I be when calling for an tantric massage service?

We would only run our service at clients’ private apartment or at a hotel room. No other accommodations would be entertained.

  • Should I make an advanced appointment?

Most massage services are by appointment only. Reservations are a good idea if you have someone particular in mind. Please call us directly in advance to book the reservations needed and to check on the availability of your favorite masseuse.

  • What kind of information should I provide to your Singapore based massage agency?

State your name, location (hotel and room no.) and contact number clearly. This is important because the masseuse need the information to get to you.

  • How soon can the tantric masseuse  arrive at my location?

Usually, within the hour but do give us time allowance for complications arising from circumstantial events beyond our control like traffic jams, bad weather and etc.

  • How do I make a reservation to book an massage in Singapore?

To make reservations, please visit our TMS  Service page to choose your favorite massage before calling Tantric Massage Singapore Agency at (+65)   or you can fill in our reservation form. We are open daily.

  •  Is there any advance booking requirements?

To make sure your desired masseuse is available at your requested time and location, TMS always recommend that you make an advance booking. Certain masseuse are very popular thus they have other obligations and will require a minimum of 24 hours advance notice beforehand. Please call Tantric massage Agency at your earliest convenience.

  • Can I request what the masseuse will wear during our meeting?

Yes you can. TMS always pass on the attire requests to our masseuse and they enjoy dressing up in the ensemble that will leave you impressed. Please inform us of your special request at the time of your reservation and we shall try to oblige you.

  • Is it possible to contact your Singapore masseuse directly?

No. All of our masseuse prefer to have introductions arranged through our TMS  Agency. This way, the masseuse personal information will not get exposed. Direct exchange of personal information such as e-mail, numbers and such is strictly prohibited. Similarly, any gifts other than monetary ones are not allowed. Any masseuse found breaking these terms will be terminated immediately.

  • Do I need to pay additional charges?

What you pay is what you get and we have no intention of taking your money without providing quality and genuine massage to you. Our masseuse offer their time and companionship for your business or leisure engagements.

  • Can I deal directly with the masseuse for any changing of plans, future plans or additional services?

No, you cannot. The masseuse safety is the responsibility of TMS Agency and so we do not allow direct dealing. Requests must be made directly to Tantric massage Singapore Agency, either by you or by ensuring that the girl inform us. Exchanging phone numbers or future meets ups without TMS agreement is a serious violation of our terms and conditions. You will then be blacklisted and the masseuse will be terminated from our agency. Our masseuses have been briefed on this seriously.

  • Are the masseuses Singaporeans?

Yes, unless otherwise stated. TMS Agency do not employ any illegitimate foreigners or deceive our clients on the nationality and race of our masseuse. All our masseuses are of legal age (18 years old and above) before they can join the TMS  team.

  • What sort of quality do I expect to get from TMS masseuses?

You are getting nothing but the best. Not only do our masseuse fit into your society and your need for private companionship, they are quality masseuse who can carry themselves well.

  • Where do the appointments take place?

Appointments must only take place at your private apartments or hotels. However, if you request a private residence, we will require additional information to ensure the safety and security of our TMS Masseuse.

  • How should i conduct myself during the appointment?

Obviously, we expect you to be a gentleman and act with consideration at all times. It goes without saying that your masseuse will respond more enthusiastically to a courteous, civilized and appreciative client.

  • Do you accept foreign currencies?

We accept US Dollars, Euros and other major currencies. Do check with our TMS receptionist before making your bookings.

  • Is 1 hour the minimum time for an appointment?

Yes, however, we do highly recommend a 2 hours appointment to appreciate a genuine girlfriend experience.

  • What does incalls and outcalls mean?

In calls (sometimes called ‘call ins’,) means an massage can provide accommodation for your appointment, usually their own apartment or hotel room if they are on a vacation. Unfortunately, we do not provide in call services in Singapore. Outcalls, (sometimes called ‘call outs’,) are the opposite and the accommodation will be up to the clients’ responsibility, where our masseuse shall visit you, either at your hotel or private apartment.

  •  What about first time nerves?

Always tell an masseuse if it is your first time and if you are apprehensive. Masseuses are very used to meeting new people and will quickly put you at ease and take the lead. You may like to book a short duration meeting initially but do not assume that you can always have your chosen masseuse. You have to check first with TMS Agency on the availability of your chosen masseuse.

Do not ask an masseuse if they will meet you for free over a drink in order for you to decide whether you would like to book them. Masseuse do not meet clients for free.

If you have the slightest grievance about paying for massage services, then do not do it! If you feel that you are great looking, have a hot body and that an masseuse should be grateful to you for taking them out, then do not do it! You will probably not have a good time as your arrogance will be felt by the masseuse, who simply does not need that kind of client.

However, there is hope for you yet. Many people completely and and genuinely change their attitude to massage when they start to look at it from a different perspective and understand how it all works. Paying for massage services is no different to paying for any other services. You pay a fee and you expect a service provided but as with any profession on service, the more pleasant you are, the better the service you will get. It is convenient, enjoyable, and a very cost effective way of spending your leisure time. You know exactly what you will get and you will get it the way you like it. Consider the cost of ‘free’ dating both, in terms of money you have to spend and effort you have to put in to get the same results (either way, you are still paying or often a lot more!). With an massage , you get to spend time with someone of your choice at a time that suits you.

Massage services is also a great way to build up your confidence and technique for real life dating. Problem issues can be addressed in the knowledge that you do not need to impress anyone and there is, of course, that wonderful element of excitement that comes with meeting with someone you do not know in the safe knowledge that no one else will ever know either.

  • Do your Singapore masseuse enjoy their work?

A question often raised by potential clients is whether our masseuse enjoy their work and all elements that are included in the service they provide. The simple answer is YES and if the client is nice and treats them well, they will generally LOVE IT!

Massage is a job that you would not last 5 minutes if you do not enjoy it! You will also find our masseuse genuinely like meeting new people. They are usually highly sensual and very sociable people. They equally enjoy the excitement element and they are completely non-judgmental.

You will also that the vast majority of our masseuse are very intelligent people, often with professional careers and qualifications that could earn them a very good living. This fact, in itself, should demonstrate that they wouldn’t do it if they didn’t enjoy it!

  • Are couples welcome?

Depending on the masseuse herself. Couplesand singles still represent a significant and valued part of our clientele.

  •  Are your masseuse ladies clean?

Yes. Our massage workers take the same precautions that any health professional, who comes into frequent physical contact with other individuals, would take.

  •  Is there an age requirement for customers?

You must be 18 years of age and above to enjoy the services of an tantric massage.

  • Can I take pictures and video?

No. TMS Agency and its masseuse privacy policies are quite inflexible on this subject and in the past, clients have created difficulty by using the pictures of our ladies on the internet , affecting and violating the masseuse , agency and clientele confidentiality.

  • What standard of clients do you seek?

Regardless of who you are, we treat everyone equally; with respect, honesty, trust, and confidentially. In return, we ask that you be a perfect gentleman in every possible way.

  • Do you keep your clients’ information discrete and confidential?

Yes. Please rest assured that we will not disclose or share any information with third parties. Any information you provide during the booking process is used solely for security checks to ensure the safety of our masseuse.

  • What areas do you cover?

Our massage services cover most hotels and private apartments in Singapore except those in ‘restricted’ and ‘out of bound’ areas.

  •  Is it legal to book an tantric massage in Singapore?

Please do remember that when you are making an massagae booking, it is for the time and companionship only. Anything else that happens between two consenting adults is entirely their choice.

  • What services do your massage agency provide?

We are a professional tantric massage agency in Singapore and as such when you book one of our masseuse, it is purely for her time and companionship. Please do not make any assumptions about what else may come from your encounter with one of our Singapore masseuse.

Should you have further questions or queries on our masseuse ladies and our massage services, please feel free to call us at +65 or email us at info@tantricmassagesingapore.com. We shall endeavor to answer and assist you to the best of our abilities.




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