Easy Exercises to Improve your Tantric Abilities in Singapore
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Tantric Abilities

Easy Exercises to Improve your Tantric Abilities

Do you feel that your sexual skills just aren’t quite up to a par for a tantric experience? Try these easy exercises and watch your sexual abilities florish:
Kegal Exercises: Women can use Kegal exercises to strengthen the vaginal walls and to learn to control the motion of these muscles. Practice squeezing your vaginal muscles upward, as if you’re drawing something into yourself, then push downward, as if forcing something out. Hold each position for as long as possible, and also practice with different quick alterations and rhythms.

Masturbate: Masturbation helps us get to know our own bodies, and we become more aware of our likes, dislikes, and ultimate pleasure triggers. You can share this information with your partner to help present a united front when you get ready to take on tantric sex. In addition, regular masturbation can help us learn to control our orgasms, enabling sex for longer periods of time. Tantric experiences require time and patience, and endurance is essential to master.

Meditate: Taking some time each day to clear your head and get in touch with the more ethereal and mystic realms is good for the soul and soothing to the senses. This benefits us sexually and enables us to be better lovers by helping to eliminate stress and minimize any mundane concerns. When we meditate frequently, we’re clear-headed and peaceful enough to really get into the zone mentally and spiritually when we join our partner in some spontaneous and hot tantric love-making.

Practice these exercises as often as possible, and your tantric skills will quickly increase.

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