Easy Energy Flow Exercise for Beginners to Sexual Tantra in Singapore
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Exercise for Beginners to Sexual Tantra

Easy Energy Flow Exercise for Beginners to Sexual Tantra

One of the primary facets of sexual tantra is the energy exchange that occurs between partners. If you’re new to tantra, focusing on the flow of energy through the body can be challenging—all that physical pleasure can be a little distracting! Here’s a simple exercise that will help you increase your sensitivity to the energies that arise through physical contact with another person. By becoming more familiar with this energy, you also improve your ability to control and direct this energy. Try this exercise with a trusted partner.

Forgo the clothing and opt instead for the comfort of a completely dark room—it’s the energy you want to pay attention to, not the outward appearance of your lover’s beautiful body! Stand facing your partner, legs shoulder width apart and arms held above your head in a “v” formation if you’re the feminine partner, and legs together and arms folded if you’re the masculine partner. Take some deep breaths while gazing into your lover’s eyes. Clear your mind, slow your breathing, and relax your shoulders. Feel the energies of the sky above and the earth below flow into and through your body.

Then bring their hands together to meet so that you’re standing palm to palm with your lover, both hands in full contact. Notice how the energy changes with this simple act. Now try to hone in on your partner’s energy, focusing on absorbing this vibrational flow as your partner focuses on sending it. Switch up after a few minutes and become the sender of energy while your partner takes a turn at receiving the energy.

Finally, try to direct the energy in a circuit so that it flows in a continuous circle between you and your lover. Build the energy in your pelvic region, then send this upward to your own heart chakra, then to your partner’s heart chakra, then down to your partner’s pelvic region, then back to your own pelvic region, then up to your own heart chakra, and so on—a continuous circuit, a perfect circle of passion and energy.

You can follow this exercise with sex, or simply go on about your day. Learning to experience sexual energy without having to act on it is a major key to developing the control of a skilled lover, but then again, why not take advantage to the start of a great time? The choice is yours, and either way, both you and your partner will enjoy the benefits!

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