Do's and Dont's terms for Tantric massage in Singapore
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  1. Please do not ask your Singapore fantasy masseuses to do anything abusive or inhumane.
  2. Please do treat your tantric masseuses  with respect as she should be accorded as the talented and valuable person, who is attempting to do her job well. “Do unto others what you like others to do unto you”.
  3. Please do tip your tantric masseuses  if you are happy with her services; however tips are not expected or obliged and will not be solicited and done on your goodwill.
  4. Please do have the correct money ready, if paying by cash, before the Singapore tantric masseuses arrive, as she may not be able to make the change for you.
  5. Our services at TMS are meant only for massage services. Whatever agreed & consented are between 2 adults of legal age and money exchanged is for companionship and massage services only.
  6. TMS reserves the right to protect the identities of our masseuses should we deem fit and we hope you understand as discretion and confidentiality is also important to you.
  7. Do not do and/or bring any drugs and/or anything illegal when using our services or making an appointment with our masseuses. We shall report you to the relevant authorities regarding this matter.
  8. Please respect the laws of the country.
  9. Please note that there will be a surcharge of SGD$50 for all our services held after midnight. (E.g. Services rendered: SGD$200, Surcharge: SGD$50, i.e. Total payable: SGD$250).Upon confirmation of your Singapore tantric masseuses’ booking, the masseuses would take about an hour to visit you either at your hotel room or apartment. No other arrangements are accepted.
  10. Tantric massage Singapore do not send our masseuses for overseas assignments or out of Singapore for both security and discrete reasons.