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Singapore Tantra Massage

Looking for a relaxing moment after a long work or flight?

Reward yourself with an exciting tantric massage experience for a job well done!

Our Singapore Masseuse can provide you from full body massage to a more sensual massage services whenever you call upon TMS.

So, look no further…


What is Tantra and What can it Do for You?


If you’re new to tantra, you’re probably wondering exactly what it is and what it can do for you. Tantra is a spiritual practice created in medieval India. It’s based on the idea of the universe being an outward manifestation of the consciousness of divine energy. Tantric philosophy also teaches that union with the divine can be achieved through the direction of sexual energies, and that this process can be used to achieve other worthy goals, as well. Tantric practices range from simple yoga and meditation to advanced sexual rituals. Although the sexual aspect is only a small part of what tantra has to offer, let’s admit it: it’s the sexual tantra that tends to most interest us, and that is what we’ll focus on here.

Through tantra, you’ll learn more about yourself, your partner, the universe, and sexual life itself. Through tantra, we can transcend reality and embrace bliss; lovers become one in spirit, bodies united and transformed into a vehicle of passion and power on the road to ecstasy.

The irony of tantra is that in order to reach this state of transcendent pleasure, one must learn restraint and patience: oddly enough, surrender requires control. The techniques of tantra train us into a mastery of our own bodies; we’re able to guide the flow of energy through the flesh in ways that increase our pleasure dramatically. Tantra helps us pay attention to our bodies inside and out, and we become more in tune with ourselves and more accepting of our flaws. Tantra makes us feel more beautiful, more sexy. Tantra teaches precision sexual techniques, and as the dance of passion becomes more deliberate and exact, we learn to achieve greater intimacy and enjoyment with our partners.

Simply put, practicing tantra results in better sexual life. And who wouldn’t like a little (or a lot!) more of that?

Body to Body Massage

Body to body tantric massage is our signature massage experience. All of our stunning masseuses are trained in this skill to exceptionally high standards, having received further training by one our talented in-house trainers.

Our version of body to body tantric massage combines ancient Eastern tantra methods with an erotic and sensual body to body massage technique. This ensures you can enjoy both traditional tantric massage strokes, and the alluring art of erotic massage, whilst being teased and pleased by the sensation of your chosen masseuses’ perfect curves and soft skin against yours.

Only the finest massage oils are used in our massage sessions, and our masseuses’ locations are luxurious havens complete with gentle music and flickering candlelight.

Connecting with your masseuse during a massage session is an incredibly intimate and alluring experience, whilst she intuitively reads and satisfies your desires, holding you on the edge of complete release for as long as possible.

Tantric Massage

You would arrive, take a shower, pop a sarong on, complete a small ritual to represent entering the sacred time then your Shakti will then teach you some breath work in order to help relax you, and clear your mind.

Once you clear your mind and reach a very ‘Present’ state you will have more of a physical presence in your skin and more connection to your senses.

For this treatment your Shakti uses a beautiful smooth non scented oil, performing a slow gentle and sensual all over body massage.

If you have any aches or pains be sure to tell you Shakti first so she can pay extra attention to those areas. You will find yourself melting away as your body drinks in divine feminine essence allowing your tantric masseuse to caresses every single piece of your entire being.

Prostate Massage

A wonderfully enjoyable addition to a body to body session, a prostate massage increases the intimacy of the tantric experience as the masseuse sensually massages the prostate (the G spot).

This tantalisingly enjoyable experience will leave you completely relaxed.

Our prostate massage experts know just how to hold you on the edge of complete satisfaction for as long as possible, before delivering blissful tantric release.

Prostate massage is charged at +$50.

4 Hands Massage

Experience a relaxing tantric massage by one or two TMS in a hotel room or your apartment in Singapore.

We offer massage for both men and women, in 60 or 90 minute sessions.

Our massages are always professional, relaxing, and customized for our clients needs. We can be as firm or gentle as you need, and are always mindful of your desire to enjoy the massage while it is being given, but also the benefits that stretching, increased circulation, and removal of stress can have for days to come.

We use only the finest massage products, unscented oils which are hypo-allergenic, and fresh linens which are of the highest quality. Our studios are quiet, discreet, and relaxing. Soft music, beautiful decor, and dim lighting help you feel relaxed, comfortable, and at peace.

We are also available to come to you if your schedule, lifestyle, or ability to travel prevents you coming to out studio (additional fee required).

Lingam Massage

Lingam is a sanscrit term to design the male sexual parts. Originally it described the masculine and strong energy of creation and fertility.

See our exclusive lingam female masseuses!

Tantra has no prejudice by serving any person. There are male and female masseurs serving both men and women. We never speak about straight or gay massage, it is just you deciding what kind of service is your preference and hence most delightful to you though you would be surprised of how male masseurs excel performing this massage!

Couples Massage

We have many genuinely bisexual ladies who love massaging couples. All of these masseuses are highly experienced in massaging both men and women.

Our bisexual girls will tailor the experience to a pace which enables you to both feel comfortable, and caters to your individual and mutual desires. Your chosen masseuse/s would also enjoy teaching you some tantra by showing you techniques to massage your partner, should you wish to become more involved in your partner’s massage.

Indulging in a tantric massage together is a blissfully exciting way to enjoy Tantra, increasing the depth of the experience.

You can also experience a 4 hand massage with two masseuses, so that the two of you may be massaged at the same time.  The ultimate Couples Massage pampering.

Couples Massage has an additional fee of +$100, if meeting with one masseuse (if booked as a 4 hand massage, it is each masseuses’ hourly rate, without the +$100 surcharge).

Tantric Masseuse

Work hard and be nice

There has never been a better time to explore the pleasure of a  Tantric massage Singapore and if you have ever wondered what all the fuss was about over a tantric massage, then it’s time to discover it for yourself. Once you have had an Tantric massage you will never go back.

We provide multiple benefits for the individual and discovering them is easier than you think. A tantric massage has healing qualities for your body but also for your mind and your soul. Many people see tantric massage as the only means through which to give the body, inside and out, a unique sensation and a feeling second to none! A tantric massage can open up new pleasures, new experiences and even when you are at your wits end, suffering from stress, an tantric massage could be the solution to tide you over hard times.

Should you decide to have a tantric massage, you will find that the tantric massage you receive is carried out by skilled professionals who have studied the art of tantric massage to ensure the benefits are passed on to the customer. A tantric massage is a full body experience and a tantric massage will give you sensations from your head to your toe and deep inside. Nothing quite compares to the all round feeling a tantric massage will give you as opposed to a standard massage with will only really relieve the body whereas a tantric massage can aid the soul too!

Based on theories of energetic fields and the soul, tantric massage is a deeply complex issue and the experts in tantric massage are experts in ensuring you gain the maximum benefit from your tantric massage. Music is used heavily and the whole tantric massage experience is a very spiritual one with the tantric massage taking you into a new world of pleasure.

  • Prostate or in sanskrit word “sacred spot” is a walnut like gland located just below the bladder,next to the rectum wall is the male g-spot area.It is the same muscles that contract during orgasm and ejaculation. Through the anal passage,prostate massage manually stimulates the prostate gland,flushing fluid from the gland and encouraging blood flow to the entire pelvis.This can be highly stimulating or profoundly relaxing experience.Although orgasms is a pleasant and welcome side effect,the goal of prostate massage is to awaken sexual-spiritual focus point in the body.
  • Yoni in sanskrit word or “sacred space” refer to the female genital area.The Yoni healing massage uses variety of massage technique that is healthy and pleasurable experience and including of the female G-spot area. Although orgasms is a pleasant and welcome side-effect,the goal of yoni massage is not toward orgasms but to re-awaken her feminine power for enhance sexual drive,increase energy levels and greater self-esteem.
  • Lingam in sanskrit word or “wand of light” refer to the male genital area.Lingam massage uses a variety of strokes technique.Although orgasms is a pleasant and welcome side-effect,the goal of Lingam massage is to help the men control their sexual desires diverting the ejaculation inward and outward so that it turns into streams of pleasurable energy that feel like an orgasm without the ejaculatory release

Given the unique nature of a tantric massage and the qualities it offers there is no reason not to open your mind and book yourself an TMS Massage today!


Learn more about tantric massage and how can you benefit from it in Singapore.

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